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What are the different types of french public procurement?

What are the different types of french public procurement?

What are the different types of french public procurement?


The Procurement Code regulates the procurement and execution of public contracts, but also the system of framework agreements allow for the conclusion of contracts under specific conditions.

What is a public market?

The Procurement Code provides that "public procurement contracts are concluded for pecuniary interest between contracting authorities as defined in Article 2 and the public and private economic operators to meet their requirements for works, supplies or services. "

What is the Framework Agreement?

Framework agreements are intended to allow, in a particular context and specific procedures, the conclusion of certain markets. Therefore the framework agreement is a preliminary contract to the conclusion of contracts.

Framework agreements are "Framework agreements are contracts between a contracting authority as defined in Article 2, and public or private traders, whose purpose is to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded in the course of a given period, in particular with regard to price and, where appropriate, the quantity envisaged. "

What are the different procurement?

The provision of work
These are markets that involve the logical benefits affecting property to property by nature or destination

For example, what distinguishes the works contract services market, as part of an operation by combining complex nature of engineering services and control services with work, is the fact that these must directly affect the property in its existence or consistency.

Supply contracts
Supply contracts are clearly defined in Article 1, III, paragraph 2, of the Public Procurement Code which provides that "public supply contracts were for the purchase, management leasing, rental or hire purchase of products or materials "They therefore relate only to personal property.

Service contracts
Section 1, III, paragraph 3, of the Public Procurement Code defines public service contracts as contracts with providers of services relating to the implementation of services.

But in the absence of a precise definition, the services can be a default category that is to say, group procurement that are neither public supply or public works contracts

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