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What are the procedures for awarding?

What are the procedures for awarding?

What are the procedures for awarding?


Any person meeting the conditions objectively determined by the administration to perform the contract, is able to be a candidate in its allocation. Note that communities are free to set criteria to best meet their needs: clean candidates or specific services conditions may be imposed as part of the competition since they are justified by the subject of market.


The fundamental principles governing the award of public contracts


 The principle of competition
A major characteristic features of public procurement is, in principle, they concluded after competition. This includes advertising and transparency of procedures. All candidates must have equal access to public order.


 The principle of fair competition
The principle of free access to public procurement and the equal treatment of candidates for the award of a contract implies that competition must be equal ie that all companies should be able to access and during the process of competition, no discrimination shall be made by the public entity.

The different procedures for the award of public contracts


What is a procurement method?
A procurement method is a process of competition and award of a public contract that the public purchaser can or should be used when one wants to spend public order. There are several methods of awarding that differ from each other depending on the terms and award criteria, but also based on the terms of competition. Markets contracting authorities are normally passed by the procedure of the tender, which is the common law.

Other procedures: appropriate procedures, negotiated procedures, competitive dialogue and a dynamic purchasing system require for their implementation meeting several specific conditions, making it exceptional procedures.

Public purchasers spend their markets by:

appeal procedures open or restricted tender;
negotiated procedures, as provided by Article 35;
the competitive dialogue procedures, as provided by Article 36;
competition procedures, as defined in Article 38;
procedures of the dynamic purchasing system, as defined in Article 78.

 Contracts and framework agreements may be awarded in accordance with an appropriate procedure under the conditions defined in Article 28, where the estimated need is less than certain thresholds.

Contracting authorities may also implement an appropriate procedure:

Pursuant to Article 30
For some lots, as provided by Article III of 27

Without the prior formalities mentioned in the General Local Authorities Code markets.

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